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Time by time I was thinking that miners on my pool need help. So, I create this forum and you can tell me any questions. And about servers downtime in last night... I was updating server for place this forum. I will create topic in general section and post information about downtimes there.
About Ethereum mining. Anybody can't doing p2pool for this coin. I was thinking about this and create usual pool as result. Hashrate in 0 hash/s nobody like, but maybe someone will mining on it.


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    About downtime between 29.05.2017 and 30.05.2017. My notebook was corrupted and i gave it for repairs... with all my wallets.dat. This was a bad idea sure. I was go home and recreate all wallets files, but downloaded blockchain died in process. I cleared blockchain and start all wallets, but sync took some time. Now all wallets work fine, but bitcoind sync not complete. This will took some time. I think bitcoin p2pool go online ~ 06:00 31.05.2017. Sorry for this.

  • Hello.
    Today I have some troubles with server. The server was frosen in lunch tume. I think my PSU die soon. I buy new PSU, but delivered tomorrow only.

  • Downtime wiil be 21-07-2017 from 16:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC. We need install new hardware.

  • Unexpected downtime. Problems with the provider. Sorry. =(

    неожиданный даунтайм. Проблемы у провайдера. =(

  • I updated pools hardware. There were pretty big problems when updating, so I had to shut down the pool for a while. Now we are back in the ranks and will not disconnect the pool any more I hope. Now I will review and improve the pool code.

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